About Us

We are Laura & Alana, the ‘She-E-O’s’ of Bohemia Collective. We are sisters, we are mothers but most of all we are best of friends with a shared passion of all things homewares, furniture, interior design and lifestyle. 

How we became to be Bohemia Collective is rather bittersweet really, with the sudden loss of our late mother Gay in 2018, a beautiful lady with a big passion for living life to the fullest and being kind to everyone that crosses your path. It was a big turning point in our lives where we discovered the classic 9 to 5 wasn’t fulfilling our souls and we needed to reach deep into where we believed our combined knowledge and skills could take us. 

With a trip to Indonesia back in 2019 Laura started dreaming up and planning how we could bring the beautiful furniture and homewares that are all handcrafted and made with love by the extremely talented Indonesian artisans is exactly where Bohemia Collective was born. 

Fast forward two years and here we are! We hope you love our products as much as we do.

L + A xx