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Bohemia Collective

Vintage Moroccan Floor Cushion

Vintage Moroccan Floor Cushion

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Repurposed from vegetable died, high quality authentic vintage Moroccan rugs, our Moroccan poufs are all one of a kind, hand-made and each come with their own story and unique history.

The fade and imperfections of the traditional colour palette only reflects the vintage appeal of each rare and unique piece.

These floor cushions truly are a special addition to your space, a real modern bohemian touch.

Sold unfilled.

Filling your floor cushion is easy! We recommend using old clothes, sheets, towels or pillows. Try not to overfill too much as it might put strain on the zipper.

Handmade in Morocco by talented artisans.
100% Wool
Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 20cm approx

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